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Our Staff

Meet our staff

Meet the team at Little Saints, dedicated to creating a caring environment that prioritises wellbeing and growth for every big little moment. Our team of staff embrace a play-based approach and are guided by the primary carer model, helping to nurture and celebrate your child’s unique skills, talents and dreams.

Penelope Crane

Director of Junior School

Meet Penelope, All Saints’ College’s Director of Junior School and our kind-hearted leader.

Penelope is on a mission to make every child's early years count, championing play-based learning and the circle of security model to lay a strong foundation for their thriving future.

You’ll find Penelope starting her days with a yoga routine or a walk at the park with her furry friend, Bimba, kicking off the day with a burst of energy and gratitude. Her heart truly sings when surrounded by her family, especially her grandchildren. And when she's not spreading joy at home or cooking up delicious, fresh meals in the kitchen, she's dreaming of her next adventure, with India topping her travel bucket list.

Kylie Chatto

Assistant Director of Junior School (Education and Care)

Meet Kylie, our Little Saints Director and resident environmental champion.

Kylie believes that spending her days with children is not only a privilege, but an adventure filled with joy and wonder. As deeply committed to the learning journey of our Little Saints community as she is to her latest creative hobby, Kylie brings her love of learning and playful spirit to everything she does.

Kylie’s trusty sidekicks include four chickens and Fish (who is a dog, not a fish). Her passion for sustainability and love for the outdoors sees her tearing up the trails on a mountain bike or lounging under the stars in a cozy swag. When Kylie isn’t busy getting her hands dirty in nature or sparking imaginations, you will find her cherishing time with family and friends – including her seven nieces and nephews!

With a heart as big as the great outdoors, Kylie infuses her adventurous and creative spirit into her work with our own little explorers.

Tania Mulè

Little Saints Coordinator

Meet Tania, our Little Saints Coordinator who loves being in the world of little explorers.

With over a decade of experience in the Early Childhood sector, Tania’s magic lies in fostering an inclusive wonderland where little ones can learn and grow at their own pace.

For Tania, she spends as much time building relationships as she does with building blocks and is always thrilled to embark on educational journeys with families, ensuring each step, big or little, is memorable.

When she's not sculpting young minds, you'll find Tania soaking up the warmth of her large Italian family or with friends at cozy cafés. Whether she's whipping up culinary delights, donning her running shoes for a half marathon, or exploring new places around the world, you’ll never find Tania without a smile on her face.

Blaise Jarrett-Webb

Little Saints Administrative Assistant

Meet Blaise, our Administrative Assistant and adventurous soul.

Blaise is a firm believer in the power of sensory play and play-based learning, igniting sparks of creativity in every little explorer she encounters.

At home, Blaise’s two rambunctious boys and her furry companion, Macy, keep her on her toes. Blaise finds solace in the company of her loved ones, whether it’s heading off the beaten track in a 4WD or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Her passion for watching little ones grow, learn and evolve is as boundless as her camping adventurers!

With her infectious enthusiasm and dedication, Blaise embarks on the journey of discovery alongside the Little Saints community, one big little moment at a time.


Meet Bimba, our curious and loving four-legged companion!

A wellbeing dog in training, Bimba brings infinite joy, comfort and cuteness to our little ones and staff alike. As our resident therapy pup, she's always there to lend a paw or a cuddle whenever someone needs it most. Bimba's gentle demeanour and intuitive nature make her the perfect companion for fostering a nurturing and supportive environment.

Whether she's spreading smiles during playtime or providing a calming presence during big moments, Bimba is an essential member of our team dedicated to the wellbeing of all who walk through our doors.

Did you know Bimba was named after a traditional Yamatji bush tucker food that is a tree sap, referred to as “bush lolly” due to its sweetness?