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For Parents

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Creating an enriching experience for every family.

Our caring team are dedicated to creating an environment that prioritises personalised learning, nutritious food to support healthy growth, robust health and safety protocols, and wellbeing initiatives to ensure every child thrives.

We deeply value teaching the significance of nurturing strong relationships, sustainable communities, and a healthy planet, to inspire our future global citizens to contribute to a positive change in their world.

Discover our thoughtfully curated programs, designed to foster growth and development for your little explorer.

Joining the Little Saints Community

At Little Saints, every day is a new journey. If you are thinking about embarking on this big adventure with your little explorer, learn a bit more about what to expect by downloading our Handbook below.

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Our Fees and Charges

We know numbers and details aren’t quite as fun as fingerpainting and storytime but are an important part of your little one’s journey with us. Read through all the details below.